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The question and my answer will be posted on the site, but your identity or any personal information will be confidential. This can be a personal question or question about the topic of astrology in general. Feel free to submit your dreams for interpretation as well! Due to the time involved in predictive work, timing events, and compatibility, some questions are more appropriate for an in-depth reading.

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Examples of questions not likely to be picked because they cannot be answered without a lot of time invested:. This is a great opportunity to answer some of your questions or to learn something from what others ask.


Currently, there is no limit to how many questions you may submit. Your Name required.

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Your Email required. Your Message. If at any point you feel confused you may simply return to the first Omega Symbol symbol, for it invariably contains the answer to your question. The first symbol Omega signifies the root or foundation of your answer. The seed and fulfillment degrees which come after these four symbols show how the symbol you have called up by asking your question relates to other symbols.

Read these to get even more information pertaining to your answer. At other times you may find that you need to meditate on the symbol for awhile so that its picture may be seen clearly by your subconscious mind. Holding a visual image of the symbol in your imagination allows the symbol to speak to you directly, and can give birth to insights which help you see what you are learning from the particular life even you are asking about. If you are seeking to know the symbols for the degree of any planet in your chart, you may also type in the question box the number and sign of the degree — 16 Libra, for instance — and the oracle will call up the symbols for that particular degree.

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The more sincerely you consult the oracle the more you will attune to it, and hence the more information you will be able to derive from it. The oracle is a tool for your own personal growth. May it bring you many blessings! Greetings all friends and newbies! Please enjoy exploring this site, which provides all sorts of astrological teaching materials, as well as a complete index of the meaning of midpoints.