Sagittarius january astrology horoscope 2020

Period from around mid of February is indicative about some health issue catching up with you. If the issue persists, visit your physician to prescribe due remedial medication for you to get relief at earliest. There is a possibility about getting injured. You need to remain careful in this regard. For your well being do exercises well enough regularly in morning.

April to June You are to enjoy good general health condition here, most of the times. You need to take due measures to keep digestive system in order. You need to take care about left eye here. No major health issue is likely to concern you here.

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For your well being physical fitness is one of the important key. Indulge in some physical activity regularly in morning for remaining physical fit enough. July to September You need to remain careful about issue related to respiratory system. Avoid visiting place where air pollution is of high level. If you are diabetic, you need to follow diet instruction of physician strictly to save from complication.

Middle aged and above need to take due care about nagging old health issue. You need to remain careful about right eye here. Sore throat may trouble you. Take due care in this regard. October to December You need to remain careful about health here. Do not neglect even minor looking health issue. Treat the same with due remedial measure promptly to save from complication. It is good to have regular checkup to keep tab on variation and then take due measure as advised by physician to keep things under control.

Note: This is a deduction on the basis of Vedic Astrology, on transit effect of favorable and malefic planets, affecting the zodiac sign Rashis as per transit of planets. This may not be considered a conclusive result. Consulting a Medical specialist is absolutely essential in case of any problem. According to Sagittarius Horoscope , students of Sagittarius sign will get excellent results this year.

Saturn and Jupiter will remain in your first house at the beginning of the year, which is favourable. You will attain knowledge due to a special aspect of Jupiter on your fifth house. Your concentration will be good.

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Before the transit of Saturn in Capricorn, you may get desired results. This year is really good for you in attaining knowledge due to the placement of Jupiter in your first house most of the year. During March-May, you may lose your concentration. However, it would not affect you much as Jupiter will aspect your 10th house of career, and make things better.

You may grab the opportunity to get a job in your area of specialization. Once Rahu changes its sign from your 7th house to the sixth house, time will be more auspicious to compete for competitive examinations. Those who are preparing for government jobs will succeed in their endeavours this year. Students who want to go abroad for higher studies or further studies with good institutions have a high possibility of achieving success.

This year, your family life would be glorious. Your fourth lord Jupiter will be in your own sign most of the year, which is good for you. It is also aspecting 5th, 7th and 9th houses from itself. The time period is good for your children, spouse and father. During the months of March-May, you may purchase some land or property. Time is favourable for purchasing and selling your assets, you may get profit out of it. In the month of February, you may spend on the purchase of some luxurious item s.

Due to an aspect of Saturn on your 4th house, you may be lead towards dissatisfaction. However, placement of the 4th house lord is benefic, which may bring good news.

There lies a possibility of marriage this year. High probability of Manglik Karya taking place within your family can be seen. You may visit some religious place or go for a pilgrimage or there might be some religious ceremony in your family this year. Once Rahu transits from Gemini to Taurus after September, it would bring gains from foreign also.

Overall, this year will be good for your family and prosperity.

Sagittarius Horoscope

Time seems to be favourable for your married life. Jupiter, the Karak planet for happiness and prosperity, will bring good fortune for you owing to its placement in your 1st house or your Lagna. The placement of Rahu in your 7th house, may also create hurdles. You need to take care of yourself and avoid getting indulged in this situation.

There could be some arguments during March-June with your spouse. Newly married couples, have a strong indication of childbirth or conception. Overall, this year is good as far as marital life is concerned except for a few months. Stability in love matters may not continue but you would enjoy great time.

Jupiter will remain in your lagna, which will beget blissful results. If you are not married yet, there is a strong possibility of getting married during the month of January. During March-May, beware of arguments with your beloved as it may lead to breaking up or separation.

There is a possibility of a breakup with the current partner and forming a new relationship with someone else during the year-mid. Your wait for the love mate might be over. If you propose someone, the answer will be in affirmative. Since Rahu will be in your 7th house, it may give rise to a feeling of dissatisfaction.

Try to involve yourself in other aspects of life or associate yourself with a hobby or work that you enjoy.

Sagittarius Horoscope 12222

Once Rahu will change its sign from Gemini to Taurus, by September end, everything will be fine. Donate Chhaya Patra every Saturday. Fill mustard oil in some clay or iron vessel and donate it to someone after looking your face into it. You should do sweeping work at any religious place during the early morning. Offer something to aunts and fishes. Read Shani Stotra written by Maharaja Dashrath.

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