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You can sign contracts, make major financial decisions, or start a new job in this time period, but you should be careful. And to make matters worse, sleep deprivation can cause even more problems like being tired, anxious and distracted, only furthering the effects of Mercury retrograde!

Retrograde: Planets in Retrograde Meanings -

Your exercise routine can also be thrown off by gym equipment malfunctioning or the battery on your activity tracker dying. Meals can even become problematic if the fridge or freezer breaks down, stove malfunctions or microwave freaks out. The following are some tips to keep your body and mind in top shape during Mercury retrograde.

You are definitely not alone! If you fall into that category, it indicates that you were born during a time when Mercury retrograde occurred. But what does that mean, exactly? If you are a Mercury retrograde baby, lucky you!

You are somewhat better equipped to deal with the communication-related anxiety that Mercury retrograde brings. And the great news is that you have a more philosophical, reflective nature that helps you deal with negative energy better, so you may be better equipped to deal with Mercury retrograde than the rest of us.


This then is a fantastic time to heal old love wounds from an ex-lover. It might also be a good time for reconciliation to take place in a romantic relationship that has become painful. In Latin, venenum from which venom comes, originally meant love potion, but over time came to mean poison. I had a feeling that Venus and Venom where connected hence the title for this Mercury retrograde post. One who is dedicated to the truth, who passionately pursues the answers.

Mercury Retrograde Transit Scorpio Decan 3

A time where peoples emotions are stirred. In my research, I found some very dark criminals with this position due to Mercury being the thief and the trickster. This energy can chop and change with ease and wear many different masks. Generally, it is very hard to see the reality behind the disguise and is a very gifted actor. The mind is sharp but difficult to read.

Mercury Retrograde? What Does That Mean?

However, those touched by this Mercury retrograde will be fantastic at reading others minds and psychic powers are at their peak. This is the chameleon and can so easily be the invisible man.

Nobody notices Mercury Scorpio 3 so it makes a great spy. It will be on fixed star Zubenelschemali in the northern scale of Libra. Here opens a window of wonderfulness where we can stand in the eye of the hurricane but then emerge miraculously in one piece. Send a romantic message that really hits the mark or pitch an artistic idea.


Try as close to these times as you can. Mercury is the mind so of course, these people make fantastic psychologists, marketers and propagandists. When close to Zuben Elgenubi Mercury can be quite treacherous and have criminal tendencies. Watch your belongings at this time! This is a very charming and seductive Mercury too. Such covert-working can leave those touched by this trickster energy feeling ripped off, bitter and resentful.

Well, it is usually is considered to be a poor time to begin a new sexual relationship, but there is no reason to abstain altogether for ten weeks. It is also thought to be a poor time to begin a new job. Now, with a down economy, it is unlikely that many people who are looking for work would refrain from taking a job that was available, and that is not necessary. However, jobs that begin on Mars retrogrades often fail to live up to expectations and energy seems to be dissipated: Bill Clinton was sworn into office for both his terms with Mars retrograde. Again, the underlying meaning is that energy is lacking for external activity, so a program that begins under Mars retrograde may fizzle quickly gym membership, equipment costs, clothing, and other expenses may continue, however!

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Engines, anything made of iron, and cutting things are all ruled by Mars, so the retrograde period is not the best time to go buy a new set of kitchen knives, nor the electric sharpener for them. Surgeons are also associated with Mars, and the retrograde is considered a poor time for elective surgery. When Mercury is retrograde, we can find ourselves really wanting that new software, and when Venus is moving backward through the skies, we really want a relationship.