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It's my golden birthday this year - I'm turning 15 on the 15th! Golden Birthday unknown.

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All humans will experience this day, whether it be when they are one years old or 31 years old; that is to say, except for a select few individuals born on the leap year — sadly, these humans will never experience the Goldenness of such a day and are forced to live out their lives in anguish and despair. However, not all Golden Birthdays are considered equal. Based on an ancient astro-scientological belief said to stem from a Magic Wizard Book crafted during, and as a result of, the Big Bang itself, each number to which ones Golden Birthday lands upon holds different levels of power.

Single digit Golden Birthdays are the least potent of the Golden Birthdays, and are generally harmless to those who do not know how to wield the Power. Other relatively harmless Golden Birthday numbers include 27, 28, 29, 30, 17 and It is quite important to note, however, that the two most Powerful Golden Birthdays are 31 and While 31 is stable and at a constantly high Power level, 23 is an ever-shifting entity that at times holds nearly infinite levels of Power.

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One last thing to note: To identify an individual whom is experiencing their Golden Birthday, look deeply in their eyes. It has also been said that every few millennia there will be an individual whose eyes will be completely and wholly Golden, making it nearly impossible for the average person to gaze upon the individual.

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    We do not store details you enter into this form. Please see our privacy policy for more information. Click here to return to the Medical News Today home page. For these individuals, the prospect of enjoying a birthday occasion are diminished because they feel depressed, stressed, and anxious instead of feeling excited and positive about the day.

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    Feeling depressed about an approaching birthday, as a person ages, is common, and having the birthday blues is a different emotion to depression that is continuous. Some of the symptoms listed above are similar to those experienced by people with chronic depression. Trying to think positively right from the outset is a good place to start. Doing so will ensure a person is in a good frame of mind to enjoy the rest of their day.

    Making a special breakfast and doing something to start the day happily are other suggestions, be that watching a movie in bed or going for an early morning run. If someone has to go to work on their birthday, they can consider treating themselves to a beverage or other favorite treat on the way, to add a little variety to their day.

    Birthdays are days where it is acceptable to be a bit selfish. If someone loves extravagant celebrations, then they should try to have that sort of a day. If they prefer quality time with family, then they could make arrangements, so that happens instead. On the other hand, doing something on their birthday that they do not enjoy, will make it harder for them to have a good time.

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    Too many plans can be stressful and put additional pressure on the birthday. If birthday blues are an issue, a person can try to keep things simple and easy to lower the risk of anything going wrong. Being realistic about what to expect from a birthday will help to avoid disappointment. This may be especially true if it involves receiving phone calls from family members with whom a person may have a less than stellar relationship. Whatever kind of day it ends up being, a person should try to look for the positives and be thankful for any effort friends and family have made, however small. Doing so will make them feel special, no matter what.

    If the birthday blues threaten to have a negative impact on someone, it may be better to avoid the day altogether. Keeping busy and distracted will ensure that the day passes quickly and can be easily forgotten so a person can move on with their life. Instead of mourning a lack of achievement and beating oneself up, it is far more beneficial to focus on what has been accomplished in preceding years. By doing so, a person is more likely to lift themselves out of the birthday blues and remember what makes them proud.

    If people are likely to forget about someone's birthday, then there is no harm in reminding them before the day. There is nothing wrong with alerting family and friends so that they remember to make a fuss of someone when their birthday arrives. It is OK to be sad sometimes, but wallowing in sadness all day is unhelpful for anyone struggling with negative emotions. For those who always get the birthday blues, it might be a good idea just to accept that they might feel sad.

    They can allow those feelings to come into their mind, acknowledge them, and then put them to one side and get on with the day in a more positive frame of mind. Being too reliant on other people for happiness is never advisable. A person should make exciting plans for themselves if there is a chance no one will remember their birthday. There is nothing more positive than remembering to look after and love oneself, after all.

    Sometimes it is important to grieve for the things that have been lost, whether that is sad things that have happened in life or just the passing of time. It is healthful to allow time to grieve and make peace with these facts rather than fight against them. One study , which observed adults between the ages of 21 and years old, discovered that there is an improvement in self-reported mental health by those who are older.

    Another study showed that younger people tend to be more neurotic than older people.

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    Even if someone is feeling unfulfilled or dissatisfied on their birthday, instead of wallowing in it, they can use it to reflect on what is causing them to feel this way. They can then try to work out how to address the problems and negativity around these emotions. However much a person hates or dreads their birthday, they can make it better if they plan something for that day that cannot fail to bring them excitement.

    They may think about booking to see a show, get a massage, or go out for dinner.

    You are a workaholic, but don't perceive it as a compliment, because you need to think of yourself first, or the time will pass by and you'll find out that you've missed the show. Your colleagues know that you are a reliable person. But you don't always feel that you are on the place where you want to be. Maybe it is because you need to search for another job, maybe it will open another side of you, and you will feel satisfied.

    The work in your life is important, because you open yourself through the process of creation; it is your way of self-expression. Do your best now, use your mind fully and contribute to the work you're doing now. If you like it, if you feel it is right for you, it means that the universe is giving you a sign. If you feel that it is not your place, change it as soon as possible.