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No one was born under a Netjer, so you really weren't really born under the name of Wesir. The reason that idea came to be is the New Age movement and has no historic basis.

Pharaoh's Signs of the Zodiac

The Cairo Calendar the is the list of good and bad days would be the one used by the ancients. Also remember the calendar of Ancient Egypt wasn't based on the Julien calendar that we use. And if you follow the calendar you will notice that the good and bad days may change due when Wep Ronpet happens.

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Not sure there's a reason why that date is a bad day, but as I said that may change year to year. Sorry about the brain dump. Mr awesome Beginner Country:. Your zodiac doesn't have to be predetermined by some silly chart. It can be more so as who you feel connected with the most and how you draw your connection with them. But that's my view, feel free to express your beliefs in a way that you feel comfortable.

I hope I was polite in my correction sorry for being rude.


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Board Stats. The History of the Egyptian astrology begins in prehistoric times. By the 3rd millennium BCE, Solar Egyptian calendar was already in use and ready to determine the flooding of the sacred river of Egypt, Nile. Moreover the enchanting temple of Amun-Ra at Karnak, was aligned on the rising of the midwinter sun 9 Winter Solstice. Astrology was part of a vast scientific and religious system — which could only be compared to India.

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Ancient Egyptians knew all about Planets, conjunctions, moon phases and the Ecliptic. Ancient Egyptian Astrology is one of the most ancient forms of Divination — probably the beginning of Astrology — although Mesopotamia and India could have begun first but this is a subject of discussion. When the Greek King of Macedonia — Alexander the Great — conquered Egypt, the astrological system instantly become part of greek philosophy. The date system Greeks used in Astrology was adopted in the Egyptian Astrology whilst the old system was also kept as reference.

One is the pharaonic system which was influenced by the Greek Astrology the one we use until now thanks to Ptolemy and the more ancient one. Here is two Lists of the Zodiac Signs. One is the List based on the ancient traditional dates which were part of Egyptian cult for centuries. The other is the list which came to life after Egypt become part of the Empire of Alexander the Great.

Notice that the two lists have both 12 zodiac signs but there are not exactly the same.

Therefore I would advice you to consult both lists and read both Zodiac Signs as the later list which was influenced by Greek civilisation has also something really important to say. Amun-ra click here. Anubis click here.

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