Astrology cancer traits

For this reason, Cancer rising people are often considered distant and aloof. Since the rising sign or ascendant affects first impressions, some might mistake you for a cold, ornery type. If they catch you in a bad or overwhelmed mood, you won't likely win friends or influence people.

Your crusty carapace is merely protection, though—underneath you're a big softy. Your challenge is to show your true sensitivity in the right moments and with the right people.

Best Cancer traits and characteristics

With Cancer rising, you are sensitive and kind, but wary of those you first meet. You like to feel out a situation before deciding exactly what to do. It usually takes a while before you drop your guard.

Cancer Zodiac Sign – Qualities, Dark Side, Personality and Lessons

In fact, many Cancer rising people lead lonely lives because of this sensitivity. If you've experienced a traumatic wound of some kind, or if your parents didn't respect your boundaries, it can be tough to trust again.

Cancer Horoscope: Cancer Zodiac Sign Dates Compatibility, Traits and Characteristics

You may feel like your ability to build relationships is out of whack somehow. It's critical to choose the right people to let into your life. Instead of hiding, you can cultivate friendships with those who have the same high standards as you. Create a cushion of space that makes you feel safe.

Cancer Personality Traits

This will allow you to carry your home with you as you go out into the world. You have a vulnerable look that makes others want to protect you. And you're very nurturing toward friends and family when you feel safe. You have a silly sense of humor and are able to read people and know what's really going on.

Cancer Zodiac Sign

This gives you the ability to intuit when to speak or act and exactly what to say. When you are tuned into your sixth sense, you're a master of timing. Haha, just kidding.

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Cancers are the cardinal sign of the water signs,they can be a good leader if needed; they are protective and helpful. As the caretakers, they are known to nurture many of those who come across to meet them. They listen to their heart no matter what. Once their intuition tells them something they will listen. They also have the best memories they will never forget anything, whether good or bad.

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Cancers are the most underestimated zodiac signs but don't underestimate them they are tough and you better beware. They can sting like a bee, and the same goes for becoming a crab's friend. They'll never forget it and will be sure to pay you back one day. When looking for a partner, a cancer needs someone who's a strong protecter.

Someone who won't leave their side and who can be their support for all the emotions that swell up inside them. Cancers do so much nurturing that they also need to be nurtured themselves and thats just what a great partner can do for them. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

Moody: t he Crabs can be very temperamental and their mood swings are quite unpredictable, which may become overwhelming for the people around them.