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Inscribing the Planets The next step is inscribing the planets into the chart. Inscribing the Aspects. Our next step is to find the aspects between the planets and inscribe them into the chart. Here you will already see the advantage of the chart pattern that you learn to use: With a bit of practice, you can directly read the aspects from the chart.

As you have read in the course, an aspect between two planets exists if the planets are within the range of specific angles from each other. For the beginning, we consider only the major aspects: The opposition, or degrees apart opposing , the trine, or degrees apart, the square, or 90 degrees apart, the sextile, or 60 degrees apart, and the conjunction, where the planets are close to each other. An exact aspect is very brief. This is so because the planets are always in motion. However, an aspect is valid within a certain range of accuracy.

This range is called "the maximal orb" of an aspect. Consequently, an opposition is valid when the planets are between and degrees apart. This means that the maximal orb for an opposition is 8 degrees. The same holds for a conjunction that is good up to a distance of 8 degrees. The square has an orb of 7 degrees, the trine 7 degrees, and the sextile 6 degrees.


The effect of an aspect is strongest when it is exact. It is weakest when it reaches the orb. For instance, two planets exactly 60 degrees apart are in their strongest mutual aspect, while when 54 or 66 degrees apart, the influence of the aspect is still noticeable, but it is very weak. We inscribe the aspects as lines that connect the planets in aspect.

Draw blue lines for soft aspects trine and sextile and red lines for hard aspects squares and oppositions. In our sample chart we used two different dotted lines. Abbreviations and Symbols You are familiar with the symbols for planets, signs and aspects. In the following I am showing you a system of abbreviations that allows you to enter the signs, planets, houses, etc. These abbreviations are also an excellent tool for another purpose: You can use them to write astrological "formulas" that you can then translate into statements using the key word method that you have been taught in this course.

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This CD may not be reproduced as a whole or in part, transmitted, or utilized in any form by any means, electronic, photographic, or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without prior permission in writing by the author. Published by Karl Hans Welz, P. Box , Woodstock, GA Studies and practice in astrology, practical magic, rune magic, and practice of various forms of life energy technology such as astral traveling and clair voyance followed within one year. At age 19 Karl began his graduate studies in mathematics and physics.

Several times he interrupted his academic studies to travel extensively. During the course of these travels he gained valuable information about magical practices and the use of life force in many cultures and traditions and he came in contact with many gifted teachers and adepts on the subject-matter.

History was made This new device is a significant step beyond the mere accumulating of orgone energy as happens inside the orgone accumulator. Furthermore he realized soon that the pulsed orgone energy which an orgone generator can produce -- or a rotating planet transforms DOR deadly orgone back into orgone energy.

Above: the first device in human history that generated life force or bio energy, chi, orgone energy, od, prana, Thousands of these devices have been sold all over the world to persons who decided to gain an edge in their various aspirations. EPG , , already with a layer of orgonite covering the coils inside.


Left: PB one of the first power boosters, still with brass tubing. Right: One of the early transfer couples. All of the chi generators and radionic devices depend on the invention of orgonite which is the most crucial element of the orgone generator. He holds the orgonite trademark.

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