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In this text, we are giving you the base relationship comparison between the male Taurus and a female Gemini, based on their astrological signs. He is usually reserved until he manages to get to know someone better.

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Taurus men often have slow reactions because they need to think first and then to take action. They differ from other signs usually fire and air in that manner, but their approach ensures minimal chances to make mistakes. These men are usually very organized and aim to provide financial security for their future. They need to feel stable and secure and typically have substantial material assets, in real-estate, as well as in cash.

They will first observe the object of their romantic interest and decide whether they desire to pursue a certain woman. When they make up their mind that she is the one they want, only then they might begin courting her. These men are slow to get started, but once they make up their mind about something, they are almost unstoppable.

Taurus men prefer women who are good looking and possess natural beauty. They like women who are elegant and sophisticated, intelligent, and creative. They enjoy when a woman has something meaningful to say and is not afraid or shy to express her opinion. These men are often art lovers and would be happy to have a woman who shares this love with them. They usually dress with style and are often very good looking. No wonder, having Venus, the planet of beauty as their ruling planet.

Taurus men often gain weight over the years, and that comes as a result of their love for good food. These men often cross the line and begin overindulging in food, which leads many of them to the path of obesity. The Taurus men are usually devoted and loyal to their women, whether they are their romantic partners or their wives. They respect the relationship they have built together, and if the woman satisfies much of his needs and desires he has in a partnership, he is aware that there is no reason to jeopardize any of that.

If they are typical representatives of this sign, these men respect tradition and traditional values. They also respect their family and family ties, and they try to maintain good relations with their relatives. The Taurus man expects his woman to do the same. He wants a woman who will be supportive of his goals and dreams.

He also dislikes women who are rude, aggressive and lack femininity. A typical Taurus man desires to have a smart woman by his side, but he wants a woman who will be willing to let him be the leader in their relationship. This man is an ideal man for a woman who wants a stable home life and a family, where she will be well-provided and taken care of. Her role in this relationship would be to support, love, and care for her man. If she is a home type and loves cooking, even better.

Taurus Man And Gemini Woman: Nature Of Bonding

That is a sure path to his heart and opens a door for a long-term love commitment which they will both enjoy. We could say that the Taurus man has very simple requests for his love life. If you fit these requirements, go for it. The sign of Gemini is ruled by the elusive Mercury, the god of commerce, transport, travel, but also tricksters and thieves.

Gemini people are all about communication and movement. The Gemini women are usually very intelligent and are prone to quickly losing interest and changing their mind. They go about their things, moving on from the situation, quickly forgetting what happened. They simply cannot keep their mind focused on the same thing for a long time.

Aries Woman and Taurus Man - Compatible?

They get bored, or they forget what they were doing. Gemini women are not typical women. These women are not home types at all at least if they are typical Gemini.

They will usually use their home as a sleeping station between work and dozens of other interesting activities they have. They love going out and encountering new people.

Taurus Marriage Life

The thrill of diversity and newness excite them. Keeping peace is the main aspect of this astrological match. Being indecisive, the Libran might chase the Bull away is she is not careful enough. What Color Matches Your Personality? Try The Quiz Now!! But they need to get till there as both are absolutely different in nature. The Bull and the Scorpion are opposites in many ways so they are drawn to each other. But being possessive or stubborn will only lead to a breakup. This relationship will only work when there is love and understanding between the two star signs. Test Now! They are opposites in terms of personality and general nature.

But in the bedroom, they can unite to become one. This may not be the best love match in the Zodiac but it could work. As both are Earth zodiac signs, you can expect a down-to-earth and materialistic union.

How to attract a Taurus...

The Taurus Capricorn couple in bed are ready to explore and try different things that will sexually satisfy them. This is a practical match but be careful not to become too business-minded in your likes and dislikes. But with a little bit of effort, the impossible becomes possible.

Different in opinions and ideals might be the root cause of problems. So they need to work on it today! They can really support each other because they tend to have strengths in areas the other one lacks. The Taurus male sexual compatibility with the woman of the Fish sign is absolutely out of this world. Problems may arise in relationship when money comes into the picture. Being spiritual, the Pisces lady may take some time to understand her Taurean lover.

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